A Hot Springs neighbor Mary Helen Pederson sends the following call for action against the proposed Powertech uranium mine in the southern Black Hills.

“Understand that our rights in the U.S. are only as strong as how well we protect them for the weakest people among us- children, immigrants, the elderly, those in poverty and so forth.” ‘Ann-Nora Hirami

Now that we are living under the dictatorship of corporations, our rights have been taken away from us, and now we are letting foreign corporations come in and take our natural resources away from us also. ” It is all about the water!”

In-sit-u mining is basically the same as fracking for oil, only for solid, instead of semi-solid or liquid. They both use huge amounts of water and the water that is returned is no longer “clean”. Read “Gone For Good: Fracking and Water Loss in the West.” at www.worc.org. And while you are at it also read “Undermined Promise.” from the same web site. Then see if you believe all of the song and dance show that Powertech has put on.

Get involved, go to meetings, read everything, not just one side. Watch movies that expose these corporations that have taken over control of our lives. Emulate our soldiers that have fought for our freedom. Don’t miss the big show downs at the Ramkota in Rapid city this fall starting at 8:30 am on September 23rd. And continuing, same time, same place on October 7th.

Mary Helen Pederson, Hot Springs, SD [letter to the editor, submitted 2013.07.28]

Pederson may want to call all the louder when she reads that Canadian mining company Powertech is becoming more Chinese. The company announced Thursday that Hong Kong-based Azarga Resources Limited is buying 17.5% of Powertech's stock and forming a "strategic alliance" with Powertech. The deal "will provide enhanced access and exposure" to Asian markets, says Powertech president/CEO Richard Clement.

In other words, Azarga will help Powertech send South Dakota's uranium to China.

Azarga also wants Colorado's uranium. The Hong Kong traders are buying 60% of Powertech's Centennial Project in Weld County, Colorado. This buy complements Azarga's big January purchase of Black Range Minerals stock, which gives them an interest in the Hansen/Taylor Ranch uranium project.

Our state leaders are sacrificing our property rights and environmental security to the dictatorship of foreign corporations to ship Canadian oil to China. Do we really have to make the same devil's deal to send our uranium to Asia as well?