Rep. Stace Nelson hits TV within hours of declaring his U.S. Senate candidacy and makes clear he knows whom to hit and how to hit them:

Nelson says he's a true fiscal conservative. He points out that the state accumulated a multimillion dollar deficit under the leadership of former Governor Mike Rounds and State Senator Larry Rhoden, which eventually led to the ten percent budget cuts in 2011.

"When I took office as a freshman, I was presented with a $127 million deficit that our former governor and former House Majority Leader had created in the state of South Dakota," Nelson said [Ben Dunsmoor, "Nelson Prepares to Join U.S. Senate Race,", 2013.08.13].

Rhoden fluff-blusters, but from Team Rounds, hilarity ensues:

In response to Nelson's statements on the state deficit, the Rounds campaign says there was never actually a deficit when Rounds left office but a projection that there would be a budget shortfall because of the recession. Communications Director Mitch Krebs adds that Rounds proposed a budget that would have made cuts and used reserves to balance the budget before Daugaard took office [Dunsmoor, 2013.08.13].

Oh, no, there was no deficit, just a projection of a deficit. That's why our schools and state offices didn't have to make any cuts; they just had to project some cuts. And Governor Rounds proposed his own budget slashing and reserve burning not because there was any actual budget problem, but just for kicks and giggles on the way out the door.

Stace isn't even one day in, and he already has Smiling Mike saying stupid things. You can't tell me Rounds holds 50% with laughable budget responses like that.