Don't be fooled by Annette Bosworth's Noem-plagiarizing campaign video: the only thing she knows about farming is how to spread manure.

Vscan handheld ultrasound device, available in Canada.

Vscan handheld ultrasound device, available in Canada. Photo from Annette Bosworth, Facebook, 2013.09.29

On Facebook and apparently in airports, Bosworth shows off her $7,900 Vscan handheld ultrasound device. Dr. Bosworth, who is not an ob-gyn, claims she had the following interaction:

On a jet-plane. Shared my ultrasound with a Canadian Pregnant woman. Access to an ultrasound is not possible when there is no free market. She was fascinated [Annette Boswroth, Facebook post, 2013.09.29].

The young mother from Canada was fascinated that such technology existed ... Big government reduces the drive for innovation & competition found in our free market [Annette Bosworth, another Facebook post, 2013.09.29].

Perhaps the young mother for whom Bosworth shook out the contents of her medical bag was fascinated. But she was also naïve. Canada has handheld ultrasound devices. Canada licensed the Vscan ultrasound device at about the same time the United States did. A Vancouver hospital got them in 2010. This Canadian doctor tried it out and found the handheld device solid but too clunky for convenient portable use. Innovators in ultrasound technology have included Canadians, Germans, Brits, Norwegians, and others whose socialized health systems have helped them provide better care to expecting mothers for less money than it would cost in America.

Bosworth's identification as a Republican stems from opportunism, not principle. But she epitomizes one core GOP strategy: never let facts get in the way of a good ideological talking point.