The latest Madville Times poll asked you, dear readers, if you've had enough of Kristi Noem. 184 of you made clear that the South Dakota readership is ready to put our lone Congressional seat back in the hands of a Democrat who believes in getting the job done:

Question: Given Kristi Noem's failure in D.C., whom should South Dakota elect to Congress in 2014?

Answer Votes Percent
Kristi Noem 21 11%     
a different Republican 13 7%   
a different Democrat 130 71%                           
an Indy or third-party candidate 20 11%     

Given a margin of error just slightly larger than the hole Kristi Noem has dug herself by voting against reopening the government and avoiding fiscal disaster last night, this poll is perhaps as reliable as Noem's promise to do everything she can to help West River ranchers.

But Corinna Robinson should take heart. This poll launched Monday; the new Democratic House candidate made her news splash Wednesday afternoon. But even without a face and name to tie to the vote, 71% of you were wiling to advocate for a Democrat to replace Kristi Noem. Robinson, get on that wave and ride!

The contingent of you willing to see a third-party candidate take our House seat is almost equal to the contingent willing to give Noem a third term in Congress. It's as hard to predict who might run third-party as it would have been Tuesday to predict Robinson's run. Demcorats will surely want to play to that growing Indy sector... but instead of running away from the Democratic brand (a strategy that failed for Herseth Sandlin and Heidepriem in 2010), I recommend Robinson and the Dems run simply as the party that believes in making government work. "Democrats don't want big government; we want wise, working government." That line can appeal to Indies and differentiate our party from the party of NOem.