Barack Obama to the rescue! Governor Dennis Daugaard is pleased to report that our caring and hard-working President has with great alacrity declared western South Dakota a disaster area due to last month's early blizzard. Governor Daugaard says President Obama and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are models of efficiency from whom Congress could learn a thing or two:

Local and FEMA officials worked quickly with our Office of Emergency Management staff to provide me the information to request federal assistance.... The presidential declaration came equally quickly, and it will help our impacted communities recover from this devastating blizzard as rapidly as possible. While the disaster unemployment program will provide some help for our producers, what they really need is for Congress to work with the same urgency our state did and pass a new Farm Bill [Governor Dennis Daugaard, press release, 2013.11.08].

Kristi, John, Tim—Dennis is talking about you! Get to work! Acknowledge the practical reality that the urban majority won't give a darn about subsidizing farmers without offering their constituencies food security, support food stamps for consumers right alongside crop insurance and other assistance for producers, and get the job done before winter really sets in.