A man who worked at Preventive Health Strategies says Annette Bosworth used the non-profit's resources to promote her campaign for U.S. Senate.

Dave Baumeister, who handled communications for PHS from September 2012 to July 2013, writes the following letter to the public, which drops these heavy shoes:

  1. Annette Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber have planned her entry into politics for years.
  2. Bosworth and Haber lied in advertising their second raffle as a benefit for military personnel and their families.
  3. Bosworth and Haber are using their non-profit resources for political purposes.

Here's Baumeister's statement, for the record:

I have tried to stay away from these people and their woes, but it seems “just when I thought I was out, I keep getting sucked back in…”

Of course I refer to the Bosworth-Haber team. I worked for them at Preventive Health Strategies from September 2012 to July 2013. I left shortly before she announced her candidacy, even though her intentions were clear two months prior.

Although I said I started in September, I didn’t receive the first checks I could cash until November 29, 2012. Chad Haber was a student and debater of mine, I knew his family, and when I moved back to Sioux Falls from Yankton that August, he wanted me to help him out at PHS. I believed Chad and I believed in the mission of PHS. Later, I learned that PHS was very poorly run, and I came to believe it’s altruistic nature was most likely a sham to set up a U.S. Senate run that was in the planning stages even before there was a PHS.

Of course, I did not know this at the time. Silly me, I thought we were trying to help people, and I proceeded in my work with that goal.

One of the first things I was tasked with was promoting a land raffle that had going on. I knew of their first raffle, and thought of that as a success, making sense why they would want to follow it up with another.

I am sick to my stomach when I think that I used my connections in the South Dakota Newspaper Association to help spread the word about the raffle that we all believed to be for returning soldiers. Last November, I learned that this was not possible under military regulations. And I told Chad to talk to the Air Guard JAG officer I had been in contact with. (I still think something could have been done through their family support group).

I do not believe he ever did this. Two months later when I asked, “whatever happened with the raffle,” he told me he received a cease and desist order from the military. I never saw the document, but I believed him, and insisted we contact all of the individuals who had purchased land raffle tickets letting them know the change in the raffle’s purpose.

Former PHS director Mathia Rall told me this month she had discussed the problem of the military angle with Chad and Annette in the summer of 2012. I am sure what she said is true, as she described going through the same steps that I later did. And if that was true, which I believe, then when Chad Haber approved the story on the raffle that I sent out to every newspaper in the state, he knew it contained false information (a.k.a. lies) about the purpose of the raffle.

When Annette Bosworth spoke on camera to KDLT about the raffle and its purpose to help “our heroes,” she was saying things she knew to be untrue, also.

For my own part, I believed my employers had done their due diligence when I came onboard. For that, and for any part I might have played in separating people form their money, I am sorry. I did things based on what I was told, and everything I did was approved by Bosworth and Haber.

In April of this year, Chad and Annette started to make public her run for U.S. Senate. Employees paid by their non-profit Preventive Health Strategies were being given tasks to do on the political campaign as part of their regular work during regular working hours.

I don’t believe the money for the raffle was ever held in escrow, as it is supposed to be, by law. It was going right into PHS operating expenses. So, essentially, Nathan Fluit’s money was being used on a political campaign.

Although “Mr. Bosworth” will, no doubt, say all of this is coming from a disgruntled employee who was fired, I resigned on July 9, and I have many witnesses who can testify I was going to do this on Friday, July 5, but the dynamic duo was out campaigning in the Black Hills, and none of the employees were paid.

I thought I would be paid on Monday, July 8, but Chad gave us excuses for not being paid. On Tuesday, July 9, I ended up snatching the check out of his hand, threw him my keys and left.

—Dave Baumeister, open letter, 2013.11.26

I welcome your thoughts, dear readers, on which parts of Baumeister's statement you find most significant.

Among my top takeaways: I raised concerns in June about the apparent illegal mingling of non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt resources and political activities in Annette Bosworth's office. We now have on the record a man who worked in that office during the beginning of her public political activites who says he observed exactly such illegal activity.

Internal Revenue Service, Attorney General, isn't it time for you guys to step in and do some work for us bloggers?