In this morning's metaphor and speculation file, I notice that on June 9, 2013, Joop Bollen of 1201 North Main Street in Aberdeen applied for a permit to build a $5,000 storm shelter. If he's not done with that shelter, he should have plenty of time to work on it, since Governor Daugaard basically fired him back in September. Also on June 9, Joop's former spouse Anita Bollen of 1522 North 20th Street applied to build a $5,000 storm shelter. Perhaps Joop needs more room to store mummy masks.

Speaking of shelters, Bollen's lawyer friend Jeffrey Sveen of Siegel Barnett & Schutz LLP filed articles of incorporation for something called BOPA LLC on June 17, 2013. That document lists Joop Bollen as BOPA's sole organizer. I can find no other public documents online stating what BOPA does or will do.

BOPA... BOPA... BOllen and... David PAlmer? Pyush PAtel?

Don't mind me, just thinking out loud.

Update 15:16 CST: Patel. Bollen and Patel incorporated JOPY, Inc. (get it? JOop + PYush?) in 2005. Secretary of State Chris Nelson dissolved them for deliquency in 2009. Bollen got JOPY Inc. reinstated in 2012, when he submitted all back reports and the state Department of Revenue verified that JOPY Inc. owed no taxes. Bollen and Patel continue to do their corporate thing this year... whatever that thing may be.