The South Dakota Democratic Party has called for a special prosecutor to investigate "the $550,000 theft of taxpayer funds by Northern Beef Packers and SDRC, Inc." The SDDP, like me, wonders why Attorney General Marty Jackley is declining to take action against a clear misuse of state money that was explicitly designated for construction and equipment costs at NBP but instead went for SDRC/EB-5 loan monitoring fees.

But with at least half a millions dollars of fraud or theft staring us in the face, Pat Powers says Democrats are the bad guys for talking about it. Powers bends his blog over backwards to grant his political friends and patrons cover, speaking of "alleged" diversion of money (even though the Attorney General has confirmed the diversion).

Powers Orwellianly contends that this isn't "theft" but merely a "violation of the terms of the loan agreement," which is flatly incorrect: the money was controlled by a state grant agreement.

Powers asserts without evidence that "if there is any violation of law, it would likely be a federal law. If there’s an actual federal statute against it." Actors in South Dakota diverted money granted by the state of South Dakota to an entity in South Dakota. How that doesn't violate a state law boggles my imagination, as it should everyone's. Why do we need the feds to tell us that when the state gives you money to do X, and you sign an agreement to do X with that money, and you then spend the money on Y, you have done something wrong for which the state should shake you down?

Powers has ginned up rage and attacked my reputation with false allegations that I stole nothing more substantial than pieces of paper from Chad Haber's allegedly locked desk. Yet when the Attorney General of South Dakota confirms that $550,000 has been misappropriated but declines to recover the misused money, Powers either ignores the story, fails to see the political implications, or shouts "Squirrel!" to turn our attention elsewhere.

Powers has turned his Dakota War College into Big Brother's Ministry of Truth, peddling transparent propaganda for his patrons and those who serve his agenda, and assaulting the reputations of those who dare call corruption corruption.

South Dakota Democrats are not the problem. I am not the problem. Violating a state agreement to put $550,000 in Joop Bollen and Richard Benda's pockets is the problem. Throwing millions of dollars into a doomed beef plant is the problem. Moving money around in crazy deals between EB-5 green card buyers and secret offshore accounts is the problem.

Trusting Marty Jackley, Mike Rounds, and Pat Powers is the problem. Nobody of good conscience could believe, let alone create, the hogwash Pat Powers is throwing to cover up the stink his political pals have created.

That's why nobody believes Dakota War College anymore.