Want to know who's un-American? Jerks who call Sioux Falls school board members and threaten to kill their families:

Some board members and their families say they’ve received threats after a Nov. 12 vote that requires middle schools to recite the Pledge daily. A group of veterans wanted the district to make it mandatory in high schools as well, and national media coverage of the issue has brought a flurry of complaints.

Now, only the board members’ email addresses are on the district’s website, along with a phone number for the school district’s general offices.

Todd Thoelke said he received death threats by phone among the more than 100 phone calls and 100 emails from all over the country. One said they would come to his home and “eliminate” him and his “un-American family” [Beth Wischmeyer, "School Board Members Say They Have Been Receiving Death Threats after Pledge Controversy," that Sioux Fals paper, 2013.11.19].

I disagree with the Sioux Falls School Board's Pledge policy. I think they should get with the Constitution and protect kids from compelled speech. But I'm not calling Kate Parker and Kent Alberty and threatening to do them or their families harm.

Michael Larson duly notes that, if there's anything worth so much as an angry phone call in the Sioux Falls School District, it's homelessness, hunger, and child abuse.

The Pledge fetishists making these threats aren't listening to Larson's concerns about the real problems affecting children. They also aren't listening to the words they so piously mouth and force down the throats of children:

...one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Loyal Americans accord respect and civil discourse to fellow citizens of this one nation. Loyal Americans do not divide our nation with violence. Loyal Americans recognize that all their neighbors deserve liberty and justice.

And if there is a God worth following, She doesn't think highly of death threats.