Flight risk! Flight risk!

Beset by questions she can't answer about fraudulent raffles and stiffed workers, doctor and GOP Senate candidate Annette Bosworth is trying to leave the country for the Philippines. But apparently she's broke, so she has her thirteen-year-old son begging for money for her $2000 plane ticket. Here's the pitch from Crowdrise:

EVENT DATE: DEC 07, 2013


My name is Prescott Haber. I turn 13 on Saturday.

I am giving up my birthday to help the kids in the Philippines.

My mom is a Doctor her name is Dr. Annette Bosworth. I don't know why she has a different last name something to do with being a Doctor. People always ask that question, just the way it is.

My mom has the medicines to take to the Philippines.
My mom has the skills to Save lives.

My family does NOT have any money.

All she needs is a plane ticket. I looked this morning and the ticket costs over $2000.

Please help, you probably weren't planning on buying me a present. But, if you could help it would mean a lot.

Thank you

[Prescott Haber, on behalf of Preventive Health Strategies, Crowdrise fundraising pitch, downloaded 2013.12.04]

As of this writing, this pitch has garnered one donation, $50 from "Rick." Holy cow: maybe Democratic Senate candidate Rick Weiland is trying to do his Republican friends a favor by getting Bosworth out of the country!