What's it going to take to get more South Dakotans to oppose TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline? How about the fact that TransCanada supports gun control?

Amidst discussion of ordinances to manage potential temporary labor camps (the word gulag springs unbidden to my mind), the Butte County Commission learned Thursday that TransCanada does not plan to erect a man camp on their turf. If they build Keystone XL, they will encamp workers in Harding, Meade, and Tripp counties.

But Bud Anderson, independent contractor for TransCanada, also explained a detail about the man camps that ought to alarm the God-fearing, gun-loving folks of the greater Belle Fourche ruri-politan (Larry: Rura Penthe!) area:

Anderson also said a strict code of conduct is already in place for TransCanada’s workforce complexes, which prohibits theft, fighting, using or selling drugs, and firearms [Kaylee Tschetter, "TransCanada Won't Put a 'Man Camp' in Butte County," Black Hills Pioneer, 2013.12.12].

So TransCanada won't just take away your land; it will also take away your guns!