I polled the GOP Senate race in July; with Jason Ravnsborg offering his Christmas surprise to shake up the race, it's time to stick the thermometer in the online electorate again. If the primary were today, who'd get your vote in the GOP Senate primary? Presented in random order to voters are South Dakota's fearsome five Republican Senate candidates:

  • Mike Rounds
  • Stace Nelson
  • Larry Rhoden
  • Annette Bosworth
  • Jason Ravnsborg

(Funny: my poll widget randomizes the names each time the page reloads; the order above, which I grabbed from my latest refresh, reflects the order in which I think the candidates would finish if the election were held today.)

This poll is open to all South Dakota voters: Republicans, vote the way you plan to vote! Dems and Indies, vote the way you would if you were to switch parties and join the GOP primary. All voters, feel free to leave your comments here to tell us why you would vote for the candidate you mark here.

Poll remains open until early Tuesday morning, after which we'll talk about who gets the Christmas blog love and who gets the lumps of coal. Vote now, and tell your friends!

p.s.: Stay tuned: once Pressler formally announces (Larry! Larry!), we'll try out some polls to test some of the possible three-ways we could get from this crowded field.