For your amusement, fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth lectures sixth graders about personal and fiscal responsibility.

We need to elect fiscally responsible people. We need leaders that have the ability to have the tough statements that say "no we don't need that" or "we can't afford that." I have kids. It's no fun and it's hard to tell them that we can't afford things. But it's that same discipline that's needed by our leaders and to say we have to start saying no [Annette Bosworth, responding to sixth graders' questions on national debt, Facebook video, 2014.01.19].

This message of fiscal discipline comes from Annette Bosworth, who says no to her employees when pay day comes.

Annette Bosworth, who says no to the bank when it's time to pay her mortgage and thus loses three properties to foreclosure.

Annette Bosworth, who says no to raffle ticket holders who ask for refunds of their thousand-dollar tickets when Bosworth fails to draw for the promised prize.

Annette Bosworth, who says no to the Senate Ethics Committee when it asks for a timely, accurate, or comprehensible financial disclosure statement.

Bosworth's video for Edison Middle Schoolers is filled with so many other lies and inaccuracies that I should call the school and ask for equal time to keep the kids from flunking social studies. Bosworth recycles the daily disproven zombie claim that hyperinflation is right around the corner and misdates Weimar Germany after World War 2. Bosworth claims China holds the majority of the national debt (not even close: 8%). Bosworth claims last week's federal budget deal adds $1.1 trillion to the national debt (that's the total spending authorized for FY2014; the plan actually cuts the deficit by $23 billion). Bosworth claims that the Affordable Care Act is still being written and that its costs are unknown (but ignores the best data available that shows the ACA saves money and that Bosworth's preferred plan of repealing the ACA would make the debt worse).

Bosworth's national debt video teaches Edison Middle Schoolers just one thing: that words are meaningless when you are begging for campaign donations. Donors, show some discipline, and say no to Bosworth.