We now have five candidates who want to unseat Governor Dennis Daugaard. If they are serious, they will all prepare the following quote for campaign fundraising letters:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard said Friday he does not believe the state’s financial support for the now-defunct Northern Beef Packers plant in Aberdeen, S.D., was a mistake.

I think that was the right decision,” Daugaard said [emphasis mine; Chris Mueller, "S.D. Governor: Beef Plant Support Not a Mistake," Prairie Business, 2014.01.27].

Follow up that damning expression of blindness even in hindsight with this vow never to learn from past mistakes:

The plant cost more than $100 million to build. White Oak Global Advisors, a San Francisco-based investment firm, bought the plant in December with a $44.3 million cash-and-credit bid. Daugaard said he remains hopeful White Oak will get the plant up and running, and said state assistance isn’t out of the question.

We’d consider it just like any other economic development project,” he said [emphasis mine; Mueller, 2014.01.27].

Millions go poof. A few hundred Aberdonians lose jobs. The project runs years late and delivers none of its promised performance. And Governor Dennis Daugaard says he'd give this boondoggle the same consideration for more state funding as he would any other economic development project.

Does Governor Daugaard really believe that such a spectacular failure should not change the way his office of economic development invests our money? It's as if Napoleon were shouting, "Attaquons la Russie encore!" It's as if the GOP were shouting, "Let's nominate Sarah Palin again!"

Governor Dennis Daugaard is refusing to admit that South Dakota made a bad investment in Northern Beef Packers. He is threatening to make another bad investment. Joe, Susan, Mike, Lora, and Curtis, if you're serious about replacing Dennis, you take Dennis's words above, make sure every South Dakotan hears them, and explain how those words show that South Dakota needs a new governor.