Some South Dakota legislators think it's fine to discriminate against certain kinds of human beings but not to discriminate against certain kinds of dogs.

Senate Bill 75 appears to be a manifestation of pit-bull obsession. Its purpose is to "prohibit local governments from enacting, maintaining, or enforcing regulations on certain dog breeds."

SB 75's prime sponsor, Senator Dan Lederman (R-16/a country club near Sioux City), is co-sponsoring SB 67, a measure that authorizes individuals and businesses to refuse service to homosexuals, racially mixed couples, remarrying divorcees, and anyone else whose marriages and life choices annoy them.

Joining Senator Lederman in treating dogs better than humans are the following misguided Republicans:

  • Sen. Tim Begalka (R-4/Clear Lake)
  • Sen. Bob Ewing (R-31/Spearfish)
  • Sen. Ryan Maher (R-28/Isabel)
  • Sen. Jeff Monroe (R-24/Pierre)
  • Sen. Tim Rave (R-25/Baltic)
  • Rep. Betty Olson (R-28B/Prairie City)
  • Rep. Mike Verchio (R-30/Hill City)

These folks come from the same political party that gives us an attorney general who thinks it's o.k. to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. in celebrating the death penalty.

Say whatever you want about what wonderful pets pit bulls are. I find that discussion trivial until South Dakota grants all humans justice and equal rights.