Good grief. Lest you think the withdrawal of lesbian-Lakota-hatin' SB 67 represented a victory for equality, humanity, and the Constitution in the South Dakota Legislature, read Senate Bill 128. This fresh abomination...

  1. ...reiterates the First Amendment right to say pretty much whatever you want about homosexuality based on your religious beliefs;
  2. ...protects from lawsuit any business owner who hangs a sign on her door saying, "No Fags Allowed—Jesus Says So";
  3. ...allows employers to summarily fire gay employees;
  4. ...exempts South Dakota from federal law; and,
  5. ...tells judges exactly how they will rule in certain lawsuits, regardless of arguments and evidence the litigants may present.

The South Dakota Legislature is telling not just homosexuals but the South Dakota judicial branch and the federal government to go to heck.

Yelling at homosexuals is so important to some South Dakota conservatives that they will jeopardize South Dakota's tattering reputation, risk a boycott of Mount Rushmore, and disregard the state and federal constitutions. South Dakotans, how much longer will you tolerate this behavior from your Legislature while your teachers leave for Wyoming and your potholes go unfilled?