New Jersey lawyer Harold Cassidy has made a career of meddling in state legislatures, including South Dakota's, promoting restrictions on abortion that deny women their rights to privacy and bodily autonomy.

But he evidently hasn't made a good living at it. RH Reality Check reports that Cassidy and his wife have racked up millions of dollars in unpaid taxes and debts since the late 1980s. Cassidy tells RHRC that his finances are none of their business. Rep. Peggy Gibson (D-22/Huron) and Sen. Angie Buhl O'Donnell (D-15/Sioux Falls), two of the women into whose private business Cassidy eagerly pokes his the public nose, note the obvious irony:

Upon learning of Cassidy’s financial track record, South Dakota Rep. Peggy Gibson (D-Huron) called the attorney a “hypocrite.”

“He’s so financially irresponsible and yet he’s supposed to be this big ‘savior’ of women,” Gibson said. “He can’t manage his own affairs. Why would he be able to manage the affairs of South Dakota women, and their most private affairs—their health care and their reproductive decisions?”

State Sen. Angie Buhl O’Donnell (D-Sioux Falls) said it was “unfortunate” that Cassidy had such influence in the state.

“We, as a state, have bought everything that this guy has told us on how to shape policy, about how women should live their lives, when he could clearly use some advice on that front himself,” she said [Sharona Coutts, "Anti-Choice Lawyer Harold Cassidy Owed Millions in Taxes and Debts, Records Indicate," RH Reality Check, 2014.02.11].

Rep. Gibson concludes with today's money quote:

“He’s invasive of women’s private affairs, and then he says his affairs are private, when women have no right to privacy,” she said.

If you can't manage your own pocketbook, if you can't take responsibility for your own debts, don't presume to manage what women do with their bodies.