Yesterday I mentioned Annette Bosworth's apparent connection with Base Connect, the subprime fundraiser for conservative campaigns. Bosworth's Q4 FEC report confirms that Base Connect is working for Bosworth.

On November 26, 2013, Team Bosworth paid Century Data Mailing Service $16,334.56. Century Data Mailing Service of Washington, DC, is owned by Base Connect.

The Q4 report says the Bosworth campaign owes Century Data Mailing Services another $84,979.52. Bosworth owes Century Data Systems Corp., housed at the same D.C. address, $8,474.56. Bosworth owes Legacy Lists $12,151.95. Legacy Lists is also owned by Base Connect.

Bosworth owes Base Connect itself $11,695.28

My quick reading indicates that Bosworth is in to Base Connect to the tune so far of $133,635.85, more than 42% of the money she reported taking in during the fourth quarter of 2013. Nice work, Base Connect!

In other debt, Bosworth owes Consolidated Mailing Services of Sterling, Virginia, $76,158.90. She still owes SSC of Florida $20,750 for the nice Kristi-Noemy video they made of her last fall. She owes poor Patrick Davis $11,665.60 (I'm laying even odds that he never sees that money.) Bosworth claims she owes herself $2,905.01. In total, Bosworth lists $255,030.67 in debt.

So of an impressive Q4 take of $315,314, Bosworth really only has $60,283 to spend, just 19% of the total.

Meanwhile, GOP challenger Stace Nelson reports zero debt and $33,745 on hand. Larry Rhoden reports $4,996 in debt and $72,862 on hand. No other candidate is carrying the kind of debt ratio that gamer Annette Bosworth has. Maybe Rhoden and Nelson shouldn't be as worried about Bosworth as I suggested this morning.