Indulge me in some fiction:

One of my former French students e-mailed me yesterday to tell me she finally finished her group Food Board project. Students had to work together to combine pictures, maps, and charts showing where and how their favorite French foods are made, annual sales of those foods, customs associated with those foods. It was big, it was complicated, and it was all in French.

It was also due October 1, 2012.

My former student is a nice girl, but she's a bit self-absorbed. She doesn't pay much attention to deadlines. She doesn't go to all of her team meetings, and when she does, she often goofs around on her phone. She has trouble working with others: even as the Food Board project dragged on past its due date, she kept holding up progress by making suggestions that turned off most of the other students in the group. She kept trying to add content to the Food Board that was simply false. When she did happen upon a good idea, she was unable to get her teammates to act on it. She kept promising she'd get the project done, but she kept failing.

But now, a year and a third late, she thinks her Food Board is a wonderful accomplishment. She's going to travel all over town to tout her leadership in getting the Food Board done. She wants me to grade it right away and give her an A.

So tell me, dear readers, what grade would you give to this student?