An eager reader notes an odd Google quirk. Search "Celebrate Church," he suggests. I do, and here's what I get:

Google search results for "Celebrate Church" 2014.02.22

(Google screen cap, 2014.02.22; click to enlarge)

Celebrate Church in Sioux Falls tops the search results. To the right, we get the church's Google+ information: map, address, phone number, and a picture a nice couple, probably the lead pastor and her husband...

...wait a minute. That's not Pastor Loy. That's featured church singer Annette Bosworth and her committed if marginally employed husband Chad Haber. How nice! The church demonstrates its inviting, community-oriented, non-hierarchical structure by featuring photos of parishioners in its social media channels. Who else from the congregation do we find among their Google+ photos?

Celebrate Church Google+ photos, screen cap, 2014.02.22

Celebrate Church Google+ photos, screen cap, 2014.02.22 (click to enlarge)

Huh. Whoever was in charge of creating this strand of Celebrate Church's Web presence must have gotten tired or distracted or something, because who would ever create a church web page and post just one photo of one couple from the church, as if that one couple is somehow the face of the entire church?

This bit of unfinished Web business will surely make the humble Chad and Annette blush. Not wanting to create the false impression that they are the brand for Celebrate, I suspect the couple will chat with their church's social media guru tomorrow and remind her or him to finish up that project and populate that Google+ page with photos of all the Celebrate parishioners they can find. Quite the photo hound himself, Chad will probably volunteer to upload a bunch of pix of his fellow congregants straight from his iPhone.

Update 2014.02.24 12:01 CST: Within 36 hours of my posting on this topic, whoever controls Celebrate's Google+ account added another logo image to the church's photo page, thus supplanting the Haber-Bosworth photo as the lead image on Google search results. However, the Haber-Bosworth photo remains the only personal image on the Celebrate Google+ page.