Hard-core conservatives call Speaker Boehner's cooperation with Democrats in passing a no-drama, no-strings increase of the debt ceiling "complete capitulation." Rapid City blogger John Tsitrian calls it a pragmatic recognition of the best way to cut deficits:

...increase revenues, people. In this case that translates into keeping an economy thriving and growing so that businesses and individuals have continually growing incomes from which continually growing taxes can be received. How on earth is the business sector of our economy supposed to thrive when it constantly fears talks of budget stalemates, government shutdowns, and U.S. Treasury defaults as a backdrop for their day-to-day spending and investment decisions? These showdowns cost money, and money is just what the federal government needs in order whack away at its deficits [John Tsitrian, "Sez Reality: 'I Bite!' Sez Kristi Noem: 'Ouch!'" The Constant Commoner, 2014.02.15].

Tsitrian offers biting words for Rep. Kristi Noem, who once again voted for economic chaos over fiscal responsibility. Tsitrian's descriptors of Rep. Noem include...

  • cognitively disconnected
  • ridiculous
  • right-wing anarchist
  • stupid
  • immature
  • selling us out
  • failure

...and that's in just one blog post.

The Powers commentariat would label such language Noem Derangement Syndrome. I'd label it an honest assessment of Noem's job performance from a disappointed Republican businessman.