Fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth is back to botching her marketing. Yesterday afternoon, Bosworth campaign worker Daniel Freeman sent an e-mail seeking volunteers to help with the campaign website. The campaign e-mail included 22 e-mail addresses in the open To: line, meaning Annette Bosworth just sent prior contacts' personal information out to a whole bunch of people.

Among those contacts was Douglas Brown, partner at SSC, Strategic Storytelling Company, the Florida company that Bosworth hired to create her website and campaign videos.

Stop right there. You generally don't call someone you have hired to work for you and ask them to volunteer to do the same work.

And you really don't ask that contractor to volunteers when you've already placed that contractor on involuntary volunteer status by not paying your contract.

Bosworth's Quarter 4 FEC report shows that her campaign owes SSC over $20,000. In response to non-payment, SSC pulled its first Bosworth video from online circulation in November. Douglas Brown blasted Bosworth in Jonathan Ellis's exposé of the Bosworth follies in Sunday's Sioux Falls paper. And four days later, Bosworth sends him an e-mail asking him to volunteer. Brown blasts back with this response, which he forwards to Ellis, me, everyone else Bosworth exposed in the To: line, and who knows whom else:


This is my second notice to you! Please take my name off of your list and do not contact me unless you plan to pay your outstanding debt to SSC. I personally want nothing to do with the Bosworth Campaign.

The Bosworth campaign owes my company SSC over 20K for ad work. To date, we have not received any payment for our work. The campaign continues to use our images, logo design and intellectual property agains our demands.

Please remove all images, graphic design and intellectual property from the campaign website. This include the logo design, photography and any intellectual content provided by SSC to the campaign.

Below is an article from the Argus Leader that you should review.


[Douglas Brown, e-mail to Daniel Freeman and Annette Bosworth campaign, 2014.02.28]

Oops. If you're going to screw someone, you might not want to rub it in by asking for them to give up more services for free.

Ellis and I are both more circumspect with personal data than Team Bosworth. However, Bosworth's volunteer pitch also went out to a stiffed raffle ticketholder who has had difficulty getting Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber to return calls. Funny: when you want your money from Bosworth and Haber, they are incommunicado. When they want your time and money, they know how to get hold of you immediately.