The Mitchell Daily Republic almost gets the Keystone XL pipeline. In this morning's editorial, the paper acknowledges that burning Canadian tar sands oil makes a messier planet. They admit the jobs created by the pipeline number only 2,000 and will last only a couple of years. (Remember: investing in water and gas infrastructure would create more jobs and do more good.) They acknowledge that China and India are driving demand and that Alberta's oil will be distributed around the world.

But the Mitchell paper still tangles itself in imperfection and says it's time to build the pipeline:

A recent report by the U.S. State Department highlights the jobs the pipeline would produce and characterizes its environmental risks as effectively neutral. Republicans and Democrats are joining across the aisle in support of the project.

It's time to stop haggling and let it happen [editorial, Mitchell Daily Republic, 2014.02.12].

Never mind that the State Department got its Keystone XL report from folks who've worked for pipeline builder TransCanada. Never mind that we are not obliged to give in to other countries' energy demands at the expense of our environmental security. Never mind that the southern leg of Keystone XL is already raising oil prices and that the pipeline through West River will raise them more. We just shrug our Midwestern shoulders and give in to a bad idea, hoping someday, somewhere, someone will invent something better and clean up the mess we chose to make.

We can do better, MDR editors. We don't need Keystone XL.