A quick perusal of the Secretary of State's current list of filed candidates brings a few important names and races to our attention:

Larry Rhoden's petitions for U.S. Senate are in! Rhoden evidently submitted those petitions yesterday. He and Stace Nelson are the only two candidates so far to submit petitions for the highest office on this year's ballot.

Democrat Scott Parsley is ready to take another shot at District 8 Senate. Parsley first tried for Senate in 2008 against GOP patronage beneficiary Russell Olson. Olson beat Parsley by ten percentage points that year. Parsley sat out 2010, then ran for and won a House seat in 2012. Olson stepped down from his Senate seat in favor a plum promotion to general manager of Heartland Consumers Power District. Parsley thus sees a good chance for Dems to take that Senate seat. No filing yet from Daugaard appointee Chuck Jones on whether he'll want to come back for a full term.

Dustina Gill wants Susan Wismer's District 1 House seat. With Rep. Wismer focusing (eventually, someday) on running for Governor, the traditionally Democratic northeast corner of the state has an opening for another good Dem. Gill tells me there are three people in the race so far, but she's the first one done with petitions. District 1 includes a lot of Indian votes, but Gill says she is the first Native American woman to run in District 1.

Update 109:10 MST: Two interesting battles are on tap in West River. Democrat Oren Lesmeister of Parade (!) has filed to challenge gun-nutty Betty Olson for the District 28 Senate seat. Oren, call me, and tell me you won't be crusading against reflector poles.

Down the road in District 29, Republicans get a Senate primary. Newcomer Susan Cheshier is challenging Rep. Gary Cammack for the State Senate seat Larry Rhoden is leaving for his higher aspirations. Expect shooting and roping to be required events at the District 29 debates.