A source tells me that fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth claims that she has raised over $900,000 in beer money thanks to a massive grassroots campaign. We know the grassroots claim to be baloney: hiring a direct-mail company to bombard easily duped retirees far away from your home state with manipulative letters is not a grassroots campaign.

But whatever way the money is coming in, it's still not going out to the people Bosworth has hired. Two months after leaving Team Bosworth, former campaign consultant Ethan Crisp still hasn't received his last paycheck from Annette Bosworth. From the leaky Bosworth bucket, here's Crisp's latest request for payment:

Annette Bosworth, MD for US Senate:

This is a formal and respectful request that I be sent my outstanding balance from work performed in December, 2013 totaling $2,000.00 As of Sunday, March 23rd 2014 this has yet to be received.

On March 6th, 2014 you posted on your Twitter page, "@AnnetteBosworth: Thank you South Dakota for an amazing February. The Bosworth For US Senate campaign received over $210,000 in don..."

Let me be the first to congratulate the campaign on such a huge month of fundraising! That is amazing!

I ask that you send full payment to me by Friday, March 28th 2014 [Ethan Crisp, letter to Annette Bosworth, 2014.03.23].

Bosworth has not yet framed Crisp for stealing documents, as she has with other former employees to justify not handing them their payments due.

And permit me to posit that on March 6, Annette Bosworth stretched the truth. Only 14 out of about 200 itemized donors on Bosworth's 2013 Q4 report were from South Dakota. The chances that Annette Bosworth got $210,000 in don or Mazacoin or anything else just from South Dakotans are less than the chances of Democrats winning Jim Risch's Senate seat in Idaho.