In the Nobody Wins Department, Judge Eugene Dobberpuhl has denied Patricia Black's request for a permanent protection order against her husband, Division of Criminal Investigation agent Mark Black.

To make her case and justify a temporary restraining order in February, Patricia Black attested and Mark Black confirmed that he had pushed and shoved and engaged in other aggressive physical behavior towards his then wife. Patricia Black presented evidence that Mark Black had vandalized her property, spray-painting "PATTY WINS!" on a boat that their divorce settlement deemed hers. She also presented evidence that Mark Black rubbed his swift remarriage in her face after their divorce.

Mark Black wielded his authority as a law enforcement officer to intimidate Patricia Black in an unbalanced power dynamic. But power dynamic be darned, Judge Dobberpuhl considered a mutual restraining order a better remedy, and since Patricia Black wouldn't agree to that equation, Judge Dobberpuhl threw the whole case out.

But the Attorney General has balanced the power equation a bit. Mr. Waltman reports and public information officer Sara Rabern of the AG's office confirms that Mark Black no longer works for the state of South Dakota. For those already abused by Mark Black's angry, intimidating behavior, his firing is small comfort.