Looking for a Republican Senate candidate who will challenge Marion Michael Rounds on his enthusiastic promotion and continued defense of South Dakota's EB-5 visa investment program, now under investigation by the feds?

Forget Jason Ranvsborg. He's still practicing talking points on the easy topics.

Forget Annette Bosworth. She can't even spell EB-5.

Larry Rhoden might be convinced to speak up about Rounds's EB-5 activities, although he supported legislation in 2004 and 2008 that eased our corporate farming restrictions and facilitated the influx of foreign investor dollars into EB-5 corporate ag operations like mega-dairies, Northern Beef Packers and Dakota Provisions. It wouldn't be the first time that Rhoden has taken a campaign-trail position that contradicts his voting record.

The only GOP challenger clearly willing to take the EB-5 fight to Rounds is Stace Nelson, who says Rounds is being dishonest with South Dakota voters about corruption in the EB-5 program:

We are witnessing corruption in South Dakota that is akin to Third World country corruption. We had politicians that happily sold out that state of South Dakota to get access to communist Chinese money. Wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to do so. I don't know of anybody in my field (military intelligence) that would think it was wise or prudent for any elected official to marry South Dakota taxpayer dollars with communist Chinese interests.

I haven't been real impressed with the openness that's come forward so far. They knew that was going on, and they kept this secret for how long. The Rounds people knew about this, they didn't tell people it was ongoing. And he's been very coy about it, and he's been avoiding debates where this would have come forward. An honest man has got nothing to hide. And if he truly wanted to serve South Dakotans, instead of hiding from the debates, he would have showed up for the last four months of debates that were scheduled [Stace Nelson, interviewed by Joe O'Sullivan, "Nelson Claims He's the Real Conservative in Senate Race," Rapid City Journal, 2014.03.22].

Calling South Dakota under the Rounds-Daugaard administration not just corrupt, but Third-World corrupt—can Nelson get establishment GOP voters to see things that way and vote for him in the primary to root out such ills?