Rapid City businessman John Tsitrian offers West River readers what could be Friday's most interesting house—or may I capitalize?—House party. The Republican blogger invites interested citizens to his humble Rapid City abode this Friday, March 14, 7 to 9 p.m. Tsitrian promises Greek and Armenian snacks and desserts, sparkling conversation, and Corinna Robinson.

Corinna Robinson. You know, that nice Rapid City Democrat who wants to take Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem's job.

Why would a Republican host a House party for a Democrat? Tsitrian has made clear he thinks Kristi Noem is destroying his party with her failure to represent South Dakota interests in the government shutdown and the Farm Bill:

Though a Republican by registration and nature, I abhor the obstructionistic elements in my party, the ones that Noem has so clearly been representing, the ones that I believe could bring the GOP to ruin if allowed to take it over. I'm ready for a suitable replacement [John Tsitrian, "Corinna, Corinna, Where You Been So Long? I Ain't Had No Representin' Since You Been Gone," The Constant Commoner, 2014.02.04].

This House party has a cover charge: a check made out to Robinson's campaign (that's "Corinna for South Dakota"). Tsitrian says any amount is welcome.

Tsitrian would also appreciate an RSVP so he can whip up enough tzatziki for everyone (is that what I smell in Dawna's kitchen, John?). RSVP by e-mail: tsitrian (at) rap.midco.net.

Then come out Friday evening to 6144 Wildwood Drive, Rapid City, to meet John, Corinna, and quite likely a number of other interesting, intelligent, politically minded South Dakotans. Enjoy the evening... and since John will be too busy hosting to blog, send me your party pix!