In news wholly unrelated to anything else in today's blog cycle, my friend, Flandreau native, now Fairbanks teacher, comedian, and playwright Michael Schaeffer takes a swing at salm poetry, discussing love over a math book:


The poem takes a bit to build steam, but it finishes strong. The trains do meet.

Schaeffer submits this poem in hopes of bringing Alaska heat to the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. If you'd like to help him get the slam organizers' attention, click the YouTube link, then click Like on Schaeffer's video. Simple!

Re-related: Wait a minute! Schaeffer does fit today's news. Britton native gone D.C. denizen Kelly Wismer, daughter of South Dakota gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer, reads Beth Wischmeyer's article on South Dakota's teacher pay crisis and tweets in response that countless South Dakota teachers have left the state or the profession because of that lack of fiscal support.

Countless? Nope. Add 1. I ask Schaeffer what he's doing in Alaska, and sure enough, he says he was underpaid and overworked teaching in South Dakota. When he left for Alaska in 1999, he was able to double his salary and halve his hours.

Average 2013 teacher pay in South Dakota: $39,580. Average in Alaska: $65,468.