Annette Bosworth responds to Rep. Steve Hickey's decision to withdraw his legal challenge to her illegitimate nominating petition the only way she knows how: with a lie.

Bosworth campaign coordinator Daniel Freeman said, "The South Dakota Secretary of State, Attorney General, and now Judge Barnett have all agreed that our petitions are valid" [David Rookhuyzen, "More Questions Raised about Bosworth's Petition Signatures," Pierre Capital Journal, updated 2014.04.14 22:42 CDT].

Like the Attorney General, Judge Mark Barnett has said no such thing. Judge Barnett signed a writ of prohibition and was willing to hold a hearing on the petition challenge once all parties had been served. Judge Barnett has made no public statement on the validity of the petition.

Bosworth's response to the as-yet unanswered questions about the legality of her nominating petition, like her entire illegitimate candidacy, is a lie.

Update 13:40 CDT: Bob Mercer sums up the uncertain legitimacy of the Bosworth campaign quite accurately:

Meanwhile a list of questions remains unresolved regarding her petitions and the signatures on them. Whether you support or oppose Bosworth, her candidacy goes into the June 3 primary under a cloud, and no one knows with any legal certainty whether the cloud is legitimate [Bob Mercer, "A Few Changes Could Help Primary Elections," Pure Pierre Politics, 2014.04.15].

More to come on Mercer's assessment of our petition and primary voting schedule!