Uh oh, District 8: you may need a new Democratic candidate for state House:

(screen cap from WDAY TV, 2014.04.03)

(screen cap from WDAY TV, 2014.04.03)

Police have arrested two men accused of soliciting sex for money, after a prostitution sting in Moorhead.

58-year-old Mark Hayes of Harwood and 61-year-old David Skoglund of Canova South Dakota are each facing one count of solicitation of prostitution - A misdemeanor.

Police arrested them last week after an undercover sting for johns at a hotel in the 600 block of 30th avenue south in Moorhead ["Prostitution Sting Leads to Two Men Being Arrested," WDAY TV, 2014.04.03].

I don't know how many David Skoglunds there are in the greater Canova area, but David Skoglund of 24352 248th Ave, Canova, is one of District 8's Democratic candidates for House.

Update 11:17 CDT: Skoglund is keeping state Dems chair Deb Knecht up late. A press release from party central popped into my inbox 13 minutes ago with this confirmation that candidate Skoglund and accused sex-trafficking customer Skoglund are the same dude, plus a pretty clear statement that he should knock off activities:

South Dakota Democratic Party chair Deb Knecht released the following statement after David Skoglund, a Democrat running for District 8 state house, was arrested in a prostitution sting:

"The South Dakota Democratic Party did not know of Mr. Skoglund's illegal activity, and we unequivocally condemn his deplorable actions. We demand he remove his name from the ballot immediately" [SDDP press release, 2014.04.04].

To comply with Knecht's demand, Skoglund must submit a written, notarized withdrawal request to the Secretary of State. Skoglund could do so right away Saturday morning; I hear the Secretary's team will be at work Saturday. (Sorry, that's my bad.)