Mostly cloudy, with 100% chance of Saviors....

Rep. Don Kopp (R-35/Rapid City) is not seeking re-election to the South Dakota Legislature. Hallelujah!

In possibly related news, Rep. Kopp believes Jesus is coming. By October 2015:

I believe the imminent return of Jesus for His church will happen within the next 18 months!  I have never made a prediction like this before, but after watching the events unfold here on earth as they have been, I feel compelled to write you about these things which we clearly see coming unto the world.   I am aware of Scripture that says “no man knows the day or the hour.”  However, it doesn’t say anything about knowing the time within a one or two year period.  He gave us definite signs for a reason so that, as Paul wrote: “You brethren, are not ignorant so that day should overtake you as a thief.” (I Thess. 5:4), well folks I believe “that day” is at hand [Don Kopp, "The World Is About to Be Changed... Forever!" The Right Side, 2014.04.03].

Translation: I believe the Bible is the literal word of God... except when I want to say really crazy stuff to boost Gordon Howie's blog hits.

Harkening to his belief in astrology, Kopp says "blood moons" (all on Jewish holidays!) and eclipses are among the signs that the Carpenter is coming to dinner. Kopp does not explain whether He is coming by spaceship or mere teleportation. But hey! We've all been warned... that Don Kopp is nuts.