Eager reader Jessie gets aches and pains when I go religious. She'd rather I stick with politics.

I would, Jessie, if all the politicians would. But comes now Gordon Howie to tell us that God told him to run for Senate and fight for theocracy. Here are the first words from his Independent candidacy announcement:

Our country's Founding Fathers envisioned a God-fearing nation, one led by public servants who would put their duties to God, country, and their fellow citizens ahead of their own desires for personal glory, fame and power [Gordon Howie, e-mail, 2014.04.03].

Here's God's call to Gordon:

I believe that God calls us to serve Him in a variety ways, many of which are not always comfortable. Running for public office is not an easy choice to make given the negativity that can surround the campaigns that are a part of the process. Secular interests associated with Democrats and even Republicans will attack someone of faith on every step of his or her path [Howie, 2014.04.03].

In this announcement, Howie mentions "God" seven times. Her says "faith" twice. He mentions the Constitution zero times. That shows me priorities out of whack for any statesman seeking office in our pluralistic democracy, because it is the Constitution and our shared commitment to it, not any one man's God whispering in his ear, that keeps our nation whole.

I revile the theocracy Howie would impose upon us. Yet I welcome Howie's candidacy. He is the only candidate who would tell general election voters that he is God's candidate. Thinking that act will get them into heaven, 5% of general election voters will believe him and vote for him. And that's five percent that will come straight from the saner Republican nominee and boost Rick Weiland's chances of winning. Pair Howie's rank conservatism with the nostalgic moderation of that other Independent, Larry Pressler, and you see the Republican margin shrink amd the Democrats keep the Senate seat with a Clintonian 43%.

You can download a copy of Howie's nominating petition, instructions on how to circulate it, and instructions on how to get that petition back to Howie in time to file (3,171 signatures due in Secretary Gant's office by Tuesday, April 29. Put Howie on the ballot—God says so!