Mike Myers made the ballot on time, but not his press conference. The now-official Independent gubernatorial candidate was supposed to spend an hour with Republican gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel telling the press about corruption in South Dakota. He arrived nearly an hour late.

I can't tell if it's bad reporting (couldn't be! Betsy Jibben is an alumna of high school debate and South Dakota State!), but from KDLT's synopsis, I get the impression we missed another chance to focus South Dakotans' attention on specific problems that our next governor needs to solve.

Hubbel and Myers mentioned South Dakota's well-known F for corruption in state government. Myers said hospitals should pay their taxes. KDLT said Myers agreed with Hubbel that we should repeal the Affordable Care Act. Hubbel said the U.S. should just trade with Israel instead of China (China's GDP: $9.2 trillion; Israel's GDP: $291 billion.)

Then Hubbel advocated nullifcation by sheriffs:

"I want to make sure you have a Governor that says no way to Federal Government. You're not crossing over this line. You're not messing with our state and you're not messing with us here," said Republican Candidate, Lora Hubbel.

Hubbel says she wants to start a volunteer sheriff's organization that will keep the federal government out.

"Your local sheriff is the best protection against the federal government," said Hubbel [Betsy Jibben, "Two Candidates Talk SD Corruptions," KDLT, 2014.04.23].

Oh, goody. Hubbel is talking about something like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which confuses the judiciary and executive branches and reads the oath sheriffs swear to protect the Constitution as authorization for local badge-and-gun tyranny. You want corruption? I think a local sheriff saying the Constitution says what he says it says is a viable definition.

So while Myers runs late and Hubbel worries about FEMA setting up concentration camps (an audience member asked if she knew where FEMA has its two camps in South Dakota, and she dithered in agnosticism instead of smacking down false nutbar rumor), we'll watch Dennis Daugaard cruise to an 85–15 win in the primary.