In tonight's salute to neighbors, I note Scott Ehrisman's announced hiatus and transition at South DaCola, one of the longest-standing, hardest-working blogs in the state. Ehrisman has focused relentlessly on Sioux Falls politics, especially in the run-up to Tuesday's municipal election.

But Sunday, Ehrisman announced it's time for a break:

South DaCola will remain up, but commenting will be turned off to prepare for changes. Not sure what the new format of DaCola will be, but a (small) team of South DaCola foot soldiers and associates have been weighing our options. I can tell you this, it will no longer be a bitch session but a proactive community activism website and news source (what many don’t realize is the activism my site inspires that doesn’t grace the pages of the interwebs, they are numerous, and often). Not sure how long this transition will take, but I am guessing about a month. Some of the things we will be doing will be definitely ground breaking and ‘different’ to the Sioux Falls market (yes, I will be selling advertising), and different then any traditional media source that currently exists in the Greatest Little City in the country. I am looking forward to it, but I am also looking forward to the break from my tireless obsession with city government [Scott Ehrisman, "South DaCola, Change Is in the Air," South DaCola, 2014.04.06].

The South DaCola comment section is indeed closed... and "comment" and "closed" in the same sentence always makes my heart twinge.

Ehrisman notes that good blogging takes a lot of time, time that he'd like to reclaim for himself and some of the finer things in life. But Ehrisman has also found what I've found: blogging opens doors to new conversations and unexpected friendships that never would have happened otherwise.

Ehrisman promises to stay engaged in his community ("I Love Sioux Falls") and to make his reboot a part of his ongoing local activism. I like the sound of that. Rest up, Scott, and come back swinging!