I'm so excited to see all five Republican Senate candidates get grilled by SDNA journalists tomorrow in Pierre! Here are the top ten questions I hope our Fourth Estate will pitch:

  1. Do you agree with Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley and the Department of Homeland Security that the EB-5 visa investment program should end?
  2. Name the single best and single worst specific policies of the current Farm Bill.
  3. What response to the Russia-Ukraine-Crimea conflict would best serve our national security?
  4. What role do guns play in providing daily economic security to average citizens?
  5. What's more important at Ellsworth Air Force Base: allowing the Department of Defense to reduce spending and meet its military objectives, or preserving jobs in the Rapid City?
  6. Have you paid all of your campaign staff in the past month?
  7. Do the benefits of the Keystone XL pipeline outweigh the harms of allowing a foreign company to use eminent domain against South Dakota landowners?
  8. What does it mean to be a conservative in a state that gets three dollars from Uncle Sam for every two dollars it pays?
  9. Since you began your campaign, how many judgments have been rendered against you in small claims court?
  10. What legislative response, if any, do you propose to the McCutcheon ruling?

I welcome your further submissions.