Screen cap from indecipherable Annette Bosworth video, 2014.04.04

Annette Bosworth looking over her left shoulder... emphasis on left.

Two fun Saturday challenges for eager readers: watch Friday's episode of Annette Bosworth's daily Jesus show (emphasis on show) from Friday, review the transcript below, and tell us (1) what she is saying and (2) where she is saying it.

I've listened to the text and can't figure out what she is reading from her script. Do these words have any meaning, or are they just a flustermumble of politics and theology cobbled together as a vehicle for cathartic piety?

Today I get to watch our laws unfold.

I believe that the law is the foundation of our country's freedom, but over the last two decades, the density of those laws has become so thick that the average person doesn't understand them, let alone trust them, that our culture has changed, that people no longer feel they can act on their best judgment. It's as if they're looking over their shoulder to see is there a rule against this reasonable decision.

Today's a snowy day in South Dakota, and as you walk on the sidewalk today, if there is a dispute, the question is, is there somebody in our society who sees it as their job to affirmatively protect you for doing and acting reasonably. In our state in our country, that person doesn't exist. That is what calls me to run for the U.S. Senate.

Today's a big day, and I'd like to lead us in prayer.

Heavenly Father, help me to not be dictated by fear, but instead to trust in you. Pray that you will help us to act, because on the final day, you will not say the words, well fought. You will not say the words well said, or well planned, or well prayed or well intended. You will say the words well done, my good and faithful servant. Help to protect the doers of your word. In Jesus name, Amen [Annette Bosworth, Facebook video, 2014.04.04].

Watch our laws unfold: that suggests a legal proceeding of some sort.

Density of those laws has become so thick: Density doesn't become thick. Density is thickness.

Act on their best judgment...rule against this reasonable decision: Bosworth's tired (literally, tired: she looks worn down, don't you think?) complaint about hard-to-understand laws sounds like a rationalization for having broken some of those laws.

In our state... that person doesn't exist: What? No one in South Dakota is standing up for... for exactly what again? For truth? Justice? Annette herself? And is she really saying that she's running for Senate because everyone else in South Dakota is an abject coward?

Bilked former campaign consultant Ethan Crisp (if we can trust handles in the Dakota War College peanut gallery) responds to this video by asserting that Annette Bosworth was in Pierre yesterday. Another source to this blog has claimed that Bosworth was called to see the Secretary of State and Attorney General to discuss her challenged nominating petition. Bosworth's Facebook post places this video in Sioux Falls, posted around 3 p.m. Central. Bosworth's husband Chad Haber FourSquare's them in Brookings last night around 8 p.m. Central.

But look at that photo: where's that wallpaper? Where's that generic framed picture? Anyone recognize the location?

I invite your analysis of Bosworth's prayer and her GPS coordinates.