Annette Bosworth may be getting down to the bare essentials of her fake U.S. Senate campaign with her latest press conference. Tuesday's event comes scantily clad in the following teasing release:

The location of the press conference will be released on the day of the event.

Due to graphic matter only adults 18 years of age and older will be allowed to enter [Bosworth for Senate campaign press release, downloaded 2014.05.26].

Such titillation is an obvious ploy for attention (dang—it worked). But seriously, what content could a genuine U.S. Senate candidate have to discuss that would not be appropriate for minors... assuming any children in Sioux Falls were planning on attending a political press conference?

Maybe Bosworth plans to throw another striptease... like the one she staged in the Sanford Hospital lobby a few years ago.

Assistant Attorney General William Golden described Bosworth's strange behavior in his argument before the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners on November 28, 2012. Golden was discussing a psychologist's plan of treatment for Bosworth's "narcissistic traits." Golden summarized one short-term objective of this treatment:

"To get Dr. Bosworth to have a commitment to honesty. He is treating her to get her to tell the truth, have some humility. This is her psychologist and her treatment plan, trying to get her to tell the truth" [William Golden, argument before South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, Sioux Falls, SD, 2012.11.28].

Golden proceeded to contend that Bosworth had great difficulty achieving that treatment goal:

Why is this important? Because for two and a half years we have been hearing the same things over and over and over again. Denials about what was going on with the Board. Complaints that we clearly had absolute proof on. She wouldn't tell the truth about them over and over again. Therapeutic intervention. "Teach the client that honesty is essential for intimacy and explain how lies lead to interpersonal frustration." He is trying to get her to quit lying.

It goes beyond that. When you're telling these lies, and you're doing it to make yourself look important, the other thing that is going on is Dr. Bosworth uses these lies to tear other people down. She does a lot of harm with them [Golden, 2012.11.28].

Golden recalled testimony from Bosworth at a November 9, 2012, SDBMOE hearing, in which, under questioning from her attorney Joel Arends, Bosworth flatly denied a claim that she "ripped off your shirt and ran through the hospital lobby with your bra on." To demonstrate Bosworth's untruthfulness, Golden entered into the record a tape of an interview involving Bosworth, her prior attorney Brett Lovrien, and Don Srstka of the AG's office, in which Srstka and Bosworth reviewed the behaviors that led to her being required to submit to treatment in a Kansas mental health facility:

MR. SRSTKA: Is there anything else that happened at that office south of Bracco's that you want to tell us about that made you -- relates to this problem that you had with them?

DR. BOSWORTH: I can go into several stories if you want me to. I will if you want me to.

MR. SRSTKA: Well, sure.

DR. BOSWORTH: I took my shirt off once. The photo shoot was at the bottom of a foyer. There was a second level where we work. Come to the elevator and then there is the photo shoot down there where all the gals are at. So I was wearing an outfit that is typical for women where you wear a jacket, but you just have your underclothes on under them. And get to the top of the elevator and I took off my jacket and I threw it over the edge. And I hopped in the elevator and I rode down in the elevator with just my bra and the rest of my clothes on, the door opens, and I said, 'I was told to dress professionally'" [recorded evidence, presented to SDBMOE 2012.11.29].

It's hard to say what sort of exhibitionism will come from tomorrow's adults-only press conference. But reporters, if you bother to get the password and show up, for Pete's sake, don't comment on what Annette is wearing. We wouldn't want anyone's children to see a repeat of that performance.