In a press conference this morning, reporters asked illegitimate U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth about allegations that she has failed to pay employees of her clinic and her campaign the wages she promised them. Bosworth did not deny that she has shorted her workers paychecks. Instead, she accused her staff of not meeting "performance measures":

She didn't respond directly to the question, but obliquely criticized the former employees.

"There are performance measures that are met on my team," Bosworth said. "When you're not holding up your responsibilities on the team, there is a trend that says they won't stay long" [David Montgomery, "Bosworth Slams Critics on Food Stamps, Employee Pay," Political Smokeout, 2014.05.13].

So to clarify, Annette, you're saying you did pay employees less than what you promised because they didn't work up to your expectations?

...When asked Tuesday whether she was saying former employees hadn't been paid their wages because they hadn't been doing their jobs, Bosworth rephrased her original statement about "performance measures" and added that "everyone on my team has had sacrifices."

"That's enough questions on that," Bosworth concluded [Montgomery, 2014.05.13].

Enough questions? No no no no no. Nurse practitioner LeAnn Batiz came forward last week with the $80K/year contract Bosworth promised her and the Bosworth pay stubs showing she ended up having to go on food stamps to feed her family. Batiz didn't have any trouble meeting performance measures. Bosworth said so herself in her November 15, 2013 recommendation letter for Batiz:

Annette Bosworth, recommendation letter for LeAnn Batiz, November 15, 2013

Annette Bosworth, recommendation letter for LeAnn Batiz, November 15, 2013 (click to embiggen)

I found Ms. Batiz to be an outstanding nurse practitioner, who was highly motivated, intelligent, hardworking, and meticulous. Patients and coworkers and physicians thought highly of her professionalism, genuine sincereity, and concern....

Ms. Batiz was extremely proficient in our EMR system and spent hours helping to reprogram the system to benefit the staff and patients....

Ms. Batiz is leaving my clinic... in excellent standing and was not the subject of adverse actions whatsoever.... I recommend Ms. Batiz without any reservation and with the highest regard [Annette Bosworth, recommendation letter for LeAnn Batiz, November 15, 2013].

Sure sounds to me as if Batiz was meeting performance measures. So tell us again, Annette: why didn't you pay her what you promised her?