To inform its discussion of the Legislature's travel policy, complete with ALEC subsidy, the Legislature's Executive Board Thursday got to review how much taxpayer money they've spent so far this year on out-of-state travel. Here's how much we've paid for legislator travel to conferences from July 1, 2013, to May 6, 2014:

SDLeg OutState Mtg Costs FY14 to May 6 2014 SDLeg OutState Mtg Costs FY14 to May 6 2014 col2

82 trips, average $1,430 a pop... that's $117,260. That's not so bad... until you count up the $42,520 that was spent on the blatantly ideological ALEC trips. Add in average costs for the reimbursements still pending for Reps. Campbell, Qualm, and Stalzer and Senator Lederman, and those ALEC costs will constitute over 40% of the FY14 out-of-state Legislative travel bill. (And hey, Dan! The ALEC States and Nation Policy Summit was back in December. The Legislature is adopting an even tougher version of the new Benda rule: while other state agencies are supposed to have those reimbursement requests in within 60 days of your trip, the new Legislative travel policy says 30 days. Get with the program!)