Democratic consultant Steven C. Hildebrand posted this open letter to fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth publicly on Facebook this evening. He begins with a reply to Bosworth's call this morning for suggestions on how to fight hunger. He then gets to the meat and potatoes of Bosworth's real political stripes:

Dear Dr. Annette Bosworth,

Getting people out of poverty and off of food stamps is as easy as creating good paying jobs and raising the minimum wage. Your Republican Party has stood in the way of passing jobs bills in Congress. Your Republican Party is standing in the way of improving the minimum wage. And, as a candidate for the United States Senate you have not offered ONE idea of how to reduce the number of people on food stamps. All you've done is compare food stamp recipients to dependent animals.

You're candidacy is a big joke.

I worked as a consultant for you and your husband for more than a year. I know that you supported gay marriage, that you were pro-choice, pro-environment and a supporter of Obamacare. Now, as a strangely conservative candidate for the Senate (which still baffles me), you have switched to a Sarah Palin clone. Is that really who you are? Is that really who you want to be?

You and your husband Chad Haber are fighting for your lives. You've bilked former employees from your clinic, your bogus non-profit and your campaign. And don't forget the $23,000 you still owe my consulting company. Your husband bragged to me many times how he was close to being a billionaire before the economy went south. Now you are broke. What kind of conservative are you if you can't manage your own money better than that. Had it not been for the work I did for you, for the hands I held, you would have lost your medical license once and for all.

And one last thing. I hope that Attorney General does his job and gets a conviction for the illegal signatures you signed for on your US Senate nominating petitions.

You can continue to blame everyone else for your problems. Or you can begin to own up to your mistakes and take the necessary steps to turn your crazy lives around.

Your former consultant. Steve Hildebrand [Facebook post, 2014.05.13].

Hildebrand makes clear that Annette Bosworth is the worst kind of candidate: a fake, cheating and lying to everyone around her, guided not by a moral compass but a metal detector beeping her toward the most easily dug coins.