Annette told me not to do this. But this is what happens when you use your children as campaign props... and turn them into criminals.

Annette appears determined to break South Dakota law right up to the end of her illegitimate Senate candidacy (counted now in minutes). The following photo appeared on her Facebook page around Sioux Falls lunchtime today:

Bosworth Sons Primary Day shirts at polls

(click to embiggen)

Let's skip laughing at how many of her commenters are from outside South Dakota and zoom in on what Annette's children wore to the polls in Sioux Falls:

Bosworth Sons Primary Day shirts at polls-close


Mom for U.S. Senate. Yes, lovely little urchins. Let's see what South Dakota Codified Law 12-18-3 has to see about their choice of poll-wear:

Except for sample ballots and materials and supplies necessary for the conduct of the election, no person may, in any polling place or within or on any building in which a polling place is located or within one hundred feet from any entrance leading into a polling place, maintain an office or public address system, or use any communication or photographic device in a manner which repeatedly distracts, interrupts, or intimidates any voter or election worker, or display campaign posters, signs, or other campaign materials or by any like means solicit any votes for or against any person or political party or position on a question submitted or which may be submitted.... [SDCL 12-18-3].

If Annette took her children to the polls, and if they didn't change or put on jackets before they went, her two youngest boys broke South Dakota election law.

Hmm... maybe they just don't want to be separated from her when Marty Jackley cuffs her after the election and thought they'd just go to jail with her. Ah, family solidarity....