Who's about to lose their job? Phifer and Associates of Chicago.

Why? Because the Corinna Robinson for House campaign paid them $3,750 for "fundraising consulting" to help bring in more contributions. In the first half of Q2, Robinson raised $17,270. In the second half, Team Robinson raised $11,029.

O.K., o.k., maybe Robinson hasn't had a chance to put Phifer's crackerjack consulting into action yet. But we're kind of running out of time for new plans to kick in. Pretty good reporter David Montgomery can't hold back. He sees Robinson underperforming her current opponent Rep. Kristi Noem, her 2012 precursor Matt Varilek, and even her own earlier quarter numbers and declares Robinson "dead in the fundraising water":

...Over four full quarters of fundraising, Varilek raised on average about 60 percent of Noem. Robinson raised 23 percent of Noem in the first quarter of 2014, 15 percent of Noem in the fourth quarter of 2013 (a partial quarter for Robinson), and just 11 percent of Noem this quarter -- an average of about 17 percent. (Rick Weiland has averaged about 26 percent of Mike Rounds' fundraising.)

Varilek got heavily outspent but managed to raise enough to stay competitive. He aired commercials on the air throughout the campaign's final months. (He lost 57-43.)

Barring a major sea change, it doesn't look like Robinson is going to have the resources to get her message out to voters [David Montgomery, "Robinson Dead in the Fundraising Water," Political Smokeout, 2014.07.15].

If you're looking for spin to churn that calm sea into a Robinson money maelstrom, don't look at me. Heck, I'm still waiting for the final draft of Bob Kerrey's endorsement.

Robinson spent every penny she made from May 15 to June 30 and has five grand left in the bank to encourage Phifer and Associates to do better. During that same period, Rep. Kristi Noem raised $187K, spent only $32K, and did not break a sweat. Noem has $977K sitting in the bank. Kristi Noem could go to the lake all summer and let Booker answer the phone, and Team Robinson would still have to work 24-7 just to be competitive with the money Noem already has.