Public Policy Polling does us the favor of paying attention to our Senate race again.

Well, actually, they do Rick Weiland the favor: the Democrat's campaign team asked PPP to revisit South Dakota's U.S. Senate race, and PPP obliged.

Surveying 726 likely voters on August 12–13 (and slightly over-sampling Republicans and undersampling Democrats), PPP finds Republican Mike Rounds still leading Weiland, but not by much. Rounds pulls 39% versus Weiland's 31%.

Local Nielson Brothers Polling found Rounds leading Weiland 43–30 in late July. PPP's April 30–May 1 poll found very similar numbers: 38% for Rounds, 28% for Weiland. The margin of error here is ±3.6%, so the PPP numbers could suggest that no one has really changed minds all summer (Oh, woe! All those billboards, parades, and quality music videos, for naught!)

PPP does reinforce the thesis that Pressler, who polls at 16%, is drinking more of Weiland's milkshake than Rounds's. However, PPP puts the straw in Pressler's glass and says Weiland may take a big slurp:

If Pressler’s support declines in the final stretch of the race, as tends to happen with independent candidates, Weiland stands to be the beneficiary. His favorability with Pressler supporters is a 40/20 spread, compared to 18/74 for Rounds [Tom Jensen, "Rounds Still Under 40% in South Dakota Senate Race, Weiland More Popular," Public Policy Polling, 2014.08.15].

It's not just Pressler voters who don't like Rounds. The former governor has the worst favorability numbers of the bunch: 44% of the sample say they like Mike, while 48% do not. Weiland is proving a likable guy, with a 42–27 spread. He still struggles with name recognition compared to Rounds, but PPP finds that among voters who do know Weiland, Weiland leads Rounds 42% to 33%. Keep knocking on doors, Rick!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 6.47.44Related Rabble-Rousing: And keep singing! Let's see if Rickstock can help boost that name recognition. The Madville Times statewide tour goes to Piedmont today for the big musical fundraiser hosted by Rick's brother, Dr. Kevin Weiland, at the good doctor's hacienda at 5045 Lofty Pines Road. Dr. Kevin reports that the big wheeled stage is up! $9 gets you in the gate to hear nine hours of good outdoor music, from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. And Madville Times readers, don't forget to sport your yellow flowers so we can recognize each other and show some flower power for Rick!