Just as Susan Wismer farted up her own message on EB-5 theft by letting some meathead consultant plagiarize content from other candidates, the SDGOP now fumbles the chance it has to royally roast Wismer by committing its own blatant hypocrisy.

The SDGOP's spin machine now goes ape over the existence of stock photos in the Democratic gubernatorial candidate's advertising.

Does this sound familiar?

Remember Mike Rounds's Parisian stock photo flop last spring? 30 seconds of expensive TV advertising chock wall to wall with stock, non-South Dakota images. I called the Rounds ad stupid, lazy campaigning symbolizing a disconnect with South Dakota as well as a failure to perform the simple task of sending out a photographer to take lots of nice photos of South Dakota. I invite the same critique of Wismer's stock-tography.

But the SDGOP doesn't get to make fun of stock photos when its response to Mike Rounds's stock photos was this:

Can any campaign claim that they’re purely made in South Dakota?

Yes, it would appear that there are some stock images used in the Rounds commercial. And one of them was taken of a *gasp* french person. But then you look at the landscape of the rest of the campaigns.

...So, is this a legitimate campaign issue, or are we devolving into silliness by demanding that they adopt an impossible standard? Your thoughts? [Pat Powers, "Is the 'Made in South Dakota' Purity Test Impossible to Achieve? All Candidates Using Out of State Resources," Dakota War College, 2014.03.31]

My thought, South Dakota Republican Party, is that you are a bunch of opportunistic and amnesiac hypocrites. Carry on.