Even if we can get Senator Larry Tidemann (R-7/Brookings) to do his job and subpoena Mike Rounds's and Dennis Daugaard's EB-5 visa czar Joop Bollen, we may have trouble carrying it out. A reliable source tells me that Joop Bollen is in the Philippines.

To the best of my source's knowledge, the last time anyone saw Bollen and his wife around Aberdeen was more than three weeks ago. Supposedly Bollen is visiting his young Filipina wife's family.

From our coincidence file, just a little more than three weeks ago, we learned that the South Dakota Banking Commission is investigating whether Bollen failed to pay $2.4 million in bank franchise tax on his EB-5 activities.

Bollen's overseas travel would explain the "difficulty" reported in serving Bollen with notice of Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth's lawsuit to demand that Bollen, his attorney Jeff Sveen, his former boss and governor Mike Rounds, and other EB-5 players preserve documents related to the scandal-plagued EB-5 program.

This trip would also suggest that Bollen may not be entirely sure that the SDGOP will keep shielding him from questions about EB-5 and that he needs to back up his arrogance with absence.But now we bring the Philippines back into the EB-5 story. Stay tuned.