How many more documents? Maybe just one....

In a set of written responses to questions about the EB-5 visa investment program submitted to him by journalist Bob Mercer four months earlier and published last week, Mike Rounds said, "I did not personally travel or recruit investors."

This morning, Bob Mercer posts this July 2005 EB-5 dairy investment recruitment letter from Governor M. Michael Rounds:

Governor M. Michael Rounds, EB-5 investor recruitment letter, July 2005

Governor M. Michael Rounds, EB-5 investor recruitment letter, July 2005. (Click to enlarge.)

Mercer has no comment yet on apparently being lied to by his interviewee.

Rounds wrote this letter in July 2005, before Richard Benda became his economic development secretary, before he approved Joop Bollen's privatization of the EB-5 office, before Northern Beef Packers became an economic disaster, before anybody sued anybody over monkey business in South Dakota's EB-5 program, and long before Mike Rounds the candidate, unsure how to deal with real scrutiny of his record, simultaneously took credit for creating more than 5,000 jobs with the EB-5 program and said he had nothing to do with the transactional details of the EB-5 program.

But there he is, in July 2005, encouraging investors to transact with his EB-5 program.

Excuse me, now, while I look for the portion of the Darley ruling that says I'm making stuff up... and as I look for the campaign handbook that says lying to a major political reporter is a good idea when you need good press four weeks before the election.