Paging Assistant Majority Leader-in-Waiting Lee Schoenbeck... Mr. Schoenbeck, Line 1...

Politico's Jake Sherman just Burt Elliotted Larry Pressler, whose principal residence appears still to be Washington D.C.:

Pressler, who served as a Republican in Congress from 1975 to 1997, and his wife receive the homestead deduction, a generous tax break meant for people who use their D.C. home as their “principal residence,” according to the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue.

...Reached on his cell phone—with a D.C. area code—Pressler said Thursday evening the apartment is indeed his, and he remained in Washington after losing his Senate seat because his wife works in D.C.. He noted that they are "long-time voters in South Dakota" [Jake Sherman, "South Dakota Senate Candidate Lives in D.C.," Politico, 2014.10.10].

Long-time voters in South Dakota... that should trigger the Schoenbeck charge that registering to vote at an address where you don't "actually live" is perjury.

Hmm, so if Pressler is committing perjury, and if Rounds committed a felony by submitting false evidence... dang! Looks like we've got the Rick Weiland–Gordon Howie race we've all been waiting for!

Speaking of Weiland and Howie, here's their one-on-one conversation, recorded in Rapid City last month:

We're all South Dakotans. We're all Americans. We all want good things for our kids, for our country, for our economy. It requires throughout this process an opportunity to sit down and have these conversations [Rick Weiland, conversation with Gordon Howie, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2014.09.13].

If only both men had gotten out their guitars....

Update 14:38 CDT: Journalist and bar-certified lawyer Todd Epp says, "Don't think great thoughts; read the statute" and rules that Pressler qualifies as a registered voter in South Dakota. Epp's analysis may call into question Schoenbeck's challenge to Burt Elliott's State House candidacy.