Two of South Dakota's most putrescent political creatures are showing signs of improving mental health.

Pat Powers continues to make progress recovering from his misguided affection for Chad Haber and Annette Bosworth. Today, Powers cheers South Dakota Right to Life's "absolute skewering" of the fake Libertarian attorney general candidate. Says SDRTL:

It is hard for us to imagine a likely scenario in which a legal team led by someone as inexperienced as Chad Haber would be successful in court against anti-life forces. He has zero experience for this position. Running for attorney general is not a game and should not be an avenue for some vindictive grudge match. Lives are on the line here. Our Anti-coercion law currently hangs in the balance as it makes its way through the courts with NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU just waiting for any sign of weakness in any part of our legal defense. All it takes is one crooked pro-abortion judge to raise a legal issue with any of our existing or future pro-life laws to hold them up in court. Be sure to pick your legal defense wisely [South Dakota Right to Life, quoted in Pat Powers, "South Dakota Right to Life Voter Guide...," Dakota War College, 2014.10.02].

Yet Powers's piling-on also hints that Chad Haber, too, may be lurching toward just a little integrity. Last year, as he graffiti'd the Internet with fake press to boost his wife's impending fake Senate campaign, Haber cobbled together a shoddy screed fabricating pro-life cred for Bosworth. Bosworth and Haber pandered to the pro-life vote during their doomed primary campaign. I always had the impression that neither Haber nor Bosworth really believed in any of their pro-life statements.

And now, when he should be scrambling for pro-life votes for himself, Haber refuses to respond to the South Dakota Right to Life questionnaire.

It's a beautiful day, so permit my some optimism: perhaps Haber has turned over a new leaf. Perhaps he has realized that he, the attorney general, and South Dakota have much bigger issues to worry about than one narrow-minded activist group's obsession with a handful of doomed lawsuits over their campaign to oppress women. Please tell me that's the case, Chad.