Dakota War College has tried to brand itself as the main outlet for all news "SDSenate2014," yet DWC author Powers has doggedly avoided discussing any of the big news that has made South Dakota's U.S. Senate race nationally newsworthy. Powers's alternatively sparse and spinfully selective coverage of the Governor's Office of Economic Development, Northern Beef Packers, EB-5, Joop Bollen, and Richard Benda puts the lie to any claim Powers makes to journalism or your attention. Someone's got to seek the whole truth on GOED/NBP/EB-5/Bollen/Benda, and it's not going to be Dakota War College.

Attorney General Marty Jackley has shown a similarly irresponsible selectivity in his approach to the GOED/NBP/EB-5 scandal. Recall that last summer, AG Jackley signaled a change in the official narrative about the $550,000 in Mike Rounds Future Fund money that outgoing GOED chief Richard Benda redirected from NBP to EB-5 money laundry SDRC Inc. and (mostly) his own loan-monitoring salary. At the July 29, 2014 Government Operations and Audit Committee hearing, Jackley unbidden released a never-before-hinted arrest warrant for grand theft and embezzlement that Jackley said he had been planning to file against Benda before Benda's suspicious death on October 20, 2013.

Whether Richard Benda committed a crime when he shook down NBP for that half-million-plus remains unanswered. But if Benda did commit a crime—and AG Jackley's unprecedented release of an unexecuted arrest warrant can only be read as an attempt to hang that noose around a dead man's neck—he did not commit it alone. Every news report on that $550,000 transaction in January 2011 has said Benda carried the money from NBP to SDRC Inc. Benda did not put the money into his pocket. He carried the money to his new boss, Joop Bollen, who then wrote Benda checks on the SDRC Inc. account for $450,000.

If Richard Benda committed a crime, he did so at the behest of his employer, Joop Bollen. Bollen's company, SDRC Inc. knowingly received these ill-gotten funds, disbursed most of them to Benda, but kept another $100,000 for... well, for who knows what.

Benda is dead, but Bollen is not. Benda has been branded a crook by a never-executed arrest warrant, but Bollen roams free, shielded from arrest and scrutiny by the most powerful Republicans in the state.

Forget subpoenaing Joop Bollen. If Attorney General Marty Jackley believes his own pronouncements against Richard Benda, he should be making the same pronouncements against Benda's partner in crime Joop Bollen and executing an arrest warrant on the SDRC Inc. boss right now.